All about My home town,,,

Padang is the capital provinceof west sumatra, a province in sumatra island,, in this story a wil not tell about the beautiful nature of padang city but I will tell you all about the beautiful of culture In padang city. Padang is rich with culture, society upholds the local culture, padang sociaty have a proverbial desert “””Alam takambang jadi Guru””. the meaning is, every people in padang city make nature became a techer, the people learn from what they see in the nature, such as from animals, water, soil, and grow plants and many others. The people also upholds the values of polite, the have so many rule about it, for example they have rule how to communicate with old people that usually they said “” Kato mandaki “” , rule how to communicate with friends usually they said “” kato Mandata “” and rule how to communicate with the people be respect they said “” Kato Malereng”” and All that rule must be obeyed by all sociaty. Padang city also rich with food, one of which is “”Rendang””. Current rendang have been popular to arround the world.